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Urban Landscapes of 1900

Urban Landscapes of 1900

Inspired by daguerreotypes and early photographs depicting the city I live in, Athens, I decided to create a series of illustrations of my city as it used to be in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Before modern technology and the architectural monstrosities of the 1960’s destroyed the architectural jewels of the city, and ignorant politicians covered the beautiful river that used to run through the city. In order to recreate that period I use photos, but also visit the buildings in person in order to add the extra detail I need.
My medium of preference is Indian Ink on Langton Hot-Pressed paper.


  • sikis izle says Reply

    merci pour le partage.

  • sikis izle says Reply

    Olá eu amo o cabeçalho do seu blog, é uma criação pessoal?

    • dimitrisnew5 says Reply

      Hi, yes it is one of mine. If you like contact me via my facebook page. I am glad you like it !

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