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Sword and Sorcery

Sword and sorcery, is a sub-genre of the fantasy literature, generally characterized by sword- wielding heroes and damsels in distress. Dimitris has been a fan of the characters created by R.E.Howard since childhood, and was as a boy influenced by the artists published in the Savage Sword of Conan Magazine. Artists like Buscema, Chan, Nebres, Alcala and Docherty. It is no surprise that Dimitris enjoys working on paintings inspired by the Sword and Sorcery theme from time to time, and some of these paintings are currently been exhibited at the Arnon art gallery.

If you are a Fantasy enthusiast and you are interested in a piece by Dimitris, feel free to contact the artist directly, or visit the Arnon art gallery to see samples of his work.

Robert Ervin Howard
(January 22, 1906 – June 11, 1936) was an American author who wrote pulp fiction in a diverse range of genres. He is probably best known for his character Conan the Barbarian. With Conan and his other heroes, Howard created the genre now known as sword and sorcery, spawning a substantial number of imitators and giving him an influence in the fantasy field rivaled by few authors. Howard remains a highly read author, with his best works still reprinted.

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The richness of the original colors of the art, can not be displayed accurately in a digital image or via conventional printing. The art should be seen in person.

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