Urban Horror Series

Currently available in the Greek language but Coming Soon in English.

Issue Number 1 / B&W / 16 pages / Price: 4,00€
Issue Number 2 / B&W / 24 pages / Price: 6€
Issue Number 3 / B&W / 36 pages / Price: 10€

This is a Horror Fiction creator owned series that takes place in the oldest seven floor building of Athens, in Greece.

The year is 1934 and the crème de la crème of the Athenian society lines up for an apartment at the first modern building of the city. Nobles, scholars, Royal officials, all straggle to live in comforts not yet available to the common people.

The architect and owner of the building selects the residents very carefully in an attempt to fashion an exclusive society where licentiousness flourishes.
Each dazzling personality that makes it with an equally dark side visible only inside the walls of the building. A building that remains to this day a silent witness of innumerable dark secrets.

Issue number one follows the life of a young couple that moves in the apartment of the once very powerful Velissarides family. The famous bloodline had been long gone from this world, but the portrait of the formidable historic figure Carolus Velissaridis still remained firmly fixed on the wall of the apartment. When the couple decided to remove it, they made a grave mistake…literally.

Issue number two travels us back to 1934, when the first member of the Velissarides family, Kimon, moves in the newly built building to live a life filled with dark delights.

Issue number three is currently in the making and it wraps the Velissarides arc of the title.

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