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Comic Conventions and Exhibitions:
2019 14th Comicdom Con Athens
2019 Gameathlon Winter Artist Alley
2018 1st Homemade Comics Festival in Athens
2018 4th AthensCon Guest Artist
2018 Ornerakis Art Festival
2018 En Aithria 9 Comic Art Exhibition
2018 Gameathlon Summer Artist Alley
2018 13th Comicdom Con Athens

Comic/Illustration Publications
Nov 2018 – Comic: Dark Secrets from the Athens of Old.
May 2018 – Comic: Slave of Fate Ashcan Edition
Feb 2018 – Art Book: Portraits of Marvel
Jan 2012 – Art Book: Swords and Maidens
Sep 2005 – Illustrated Book: The Phantom of the Opera (MMPublication)
Sep 2005 – Illustrated Book: Excalibur (MMPublication)

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