Curriculum Vitae

The Early Years
Dimitris Koskinas was born in Athens, in 1975. He earned his first BA in Art and Design in 1995, and then moved to London where he continued his studies in the arts. In 2000, after four years of studies, he was awarded a second BA in Arts, and a Masters degree. Later that year, the BBC made a presentation of him and his work as a “promising young talent”.

During this decade, Dimitris worked on many art related commercial projects, including Theatrical Productions (as a costume and set designer) and Book publications (as an illustrator). His recognition in Greece eventually gave him a teaching position at the Intergraphics College of Art and Design.

In 2012 Dimitris became a resident artist at the Arnon Art Gallery, in Bologna, Italy. Since that, his permanent exhibition in Bologna has pushed his fame and recognition far beyond the borders of his home country. His technique and the originality of his style are very admired by the art crowd of Bologna.

In 2013 Dimitris begun working on the “Portraits of Marvel” project. This project has become very popular amongst comic art collectors in Europe and the US and has launched his popularity as an artist sky-high, leading to a personal sales record. The interpretation of Comics through Art has attracted some extremely prestigious art collectors who have included Dimitri’s work in their private collections.

In 2014 Dimitris continued working on the “Portraits of Marvel” project.

In 2015 Dimitris completed the “Portraits of Marvel” project.
In May of 2015 he begun the project “Urban Landscapes of the Past Century”, inspired by daguerreotypes and early photographs depicting Athens in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.


  • Dimitris’ favorite media for his painting, is Ink. Depending on the effect he wishes to achieve, he either applies it on premium 100% cotton paper or uses it with less absorbative surfaces. Ink is favored for themes such as portraits and fine art nudes. Dimitris begun to work in his personal ink based style in the late 90’s, and over the years his painting evolved and became from abstract to more illustrative. In Italy his ink painting style is considered extremely original and unique, and it was appraised by the art critics who visited the openings of his latest exhibition in Bologna.

  • When Dimitris works in color, his preferred paint media is Winsor Newton watercolor on 100% cotton paper. The themes he enjoys working in color, are fantasy themes inspired be the work of R.E.Howard. During his latest exhibition, there was a demand for watercolor fine art nudes. That sounded very appealing to Dimitris. In the future he intends to work on a series of such pieces as well as a new series of Bologna Cityscapes. Working with watercolor gives beautiful bright colors that can not be reproduced by conventional printing techniques or displayed correctly in a digital image. In order to see the actual colors one has to see the art in person.


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