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Deviant Art Meet in Athens 2014

The Deviant Art meeting of Greece took place on the 1st of June. Click to see more…

Portraits of Marvel

A project illustrating the psyche of characters from various comic universes. The first phase of the project revolves around the Women of the Marvel universe, but later on, the project will include Male characters of Marvel as well as characters of other Comic Universes.

Arnon Art Gallery

Dimitris’ art show was the event that signified the opening of the Arnon art gallery in Bologna, Italy. Dimitris was there.

Lucca Comics 2012

At November 1st and 2nd, Dimitris traveled to Lucca in order to visit the Lucca Comic Con, and meet with the artist Gabrielle Dell’Otto.

Dimitris was featured and cover artist for issue 16 of fuctART magazine.

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