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About me

Who is Dimitris?

Dimitris Koskinas was born and resides in Athens. He studied Graphic Design and then continued his studies in London where he earned a BA in Design and a Master in 3d Animation.

Dimitris is a professional painter registered with the Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts, with exhibitions in several countries, and his work has been featured by the BBC. He has worked for many advertising agencies and publishers as an illustrator and graphic designer. Furthermore, he has had the role of Lead Artist at the legendary game “Theseis” and has taught Graphic Design in private institutions.

Since the year 2013, Dimitris has been working exclusively as a painter and comic artist. His technique is based on the traditional ink wash style of the renaissance, using only black ink. Dimitris enjoys reading comics, is a movie fanatic and loves taking long walks at the Acropolis of Athens.

Professional Artist

Illustration and Comics

After two decades in the field of Art and Design I have become a recognized artist and this enables me to sell my art directly to art enthusiasts who approach me. I also have a permanent exhibition of my at the Arnon Art gallery in Bologna, Italy. I am currently available for illustration projects as a freelancer.

Comic Conventions and Exhibitions:

2020 Comicdom Con Athens
2020 Gameathlon Winter Artist Alley
2019 Athens Con Artist Alley
2019 En Aithria 10 Comic Art Exhibition
2019 Gameathlon Summer Artist Alley
2019 Comicdom Con Athens
2019 Gameathlon Winter Artist Alley
2018 Athens Con Guest Artist
2018 Ornerakis Art Festival
2018 En Aithria 9 Comic Art Exhibition
2018 Gameathlon Artist Alley
2018 Comicdom Con Athens

Comic/Illustration Publications

Sep 2020 – Comic: Dark Secrets from the Athens of Old. Part 3.
Feb 2019 – Comic: Dark Secrets from the Athens of Old. Part 2.
Nov 2018 – Comic: Dark Secrets from the Athens of Old.
May 2018 – Comic: Slave of Fate Ashcan Edition
Feb 2018 – Art Book: Portraits of Marvel
Jan 2012 – Art Book: Swords and Maidens
Sep 2005 – Illustrated Book: The Phantom of the Opera (MMPublication)
Sep 2005 – Illustrated Book: Excalibur (MMPublication)

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